Tuesday, 7 July 2015

From St Luke’s Summer 2015

Thankfully, God has made us all different - it would be a very boring world otherwise! We have different looks, different shapes, different viewpoints and different feelings. That’s also true of the things that we are good at. Different people are good at different things. I might be good at practical things and DIY – someone else will be good at creative things or at caring. I think God has made us this way as it forces us to be interdependent rather than too self-reliant. ‘No man is an island’ as they say - no-one can get by completely without others, whatever we may think! We need other people and their gifts and skills to help us live out our lives – and they need ours.

As a Church too we believe that God equips different people with different gifts and skills so that, if we work together, his Church will thrive and grow. By the time you read this we will have completed the teaching on our ‘Discovering your God-given Gifts’ series, and we’ll be getting ready for the second workshop evening on Tuesday 29th September to help folk think and reflect on what gifts God has given them, and how they can use those gifts to serve him in their lives. Our belief is that God equips his Church with everything it needs, so if we are all using the gifts He has given us, then God’s Church life will be healthy and thrive.

So if you have a God-given gift of whatever type which you’ve been keeping secret – let someone know! Serving God with our gifts is one of the most satisfying things we can do. And if your gift is to pray, do keep praying for St Luke’s that God will continue to bless and guide us as we reach out to others with the Good News in Lodge Moor.
Rev Chris